Miiko Skin Care

Miiko Skin Co is setting the stage for a new kind of accountability in ingredient sourcing in the skincare and cosmetic industry. The products are made locally using local suppliers and fresh artisan ingredients. We include our suppliers and where they are located in BC on all of our products’ labels. We hope that this level of transparency encourages customers to think about the ingredients they put on their skin and consider their skin as an organ that can also absorb and ingest the products we apply to it.

Our business has a strict no plastics program, from our bottles and packaging, to the boxes and cushioning we use to ship orders. We chose glass containers because they are non-toxic, and will not leach toxic chemicals into the product. The dark blue colour of the bottles also prevents light from getting into the products and changing the composition.

Miiko Skin Co is committed to providing you with safer skincare, naturally.