Sizing Chart

To make your clothing decisions as easy as possible, we created a sizing chart for most items. If there is no chart available or you need additional information please give us a call and we will do our utmost to answer your questions.

With i.O.N Clothing's H&C brand we have a lot of loose fitting ladies' clothing. Here is a general size chart for most of these items:


                                        WOMEN'S SIZE CHART

                            XS            S             M             L            XL        

BUST               30-33       34-36     37-39      40-42     43-45

WAIST              26-29      30-31     32-34      35-37     38-40

HIP                   30-32      33-35      36-38      39-41     42-44

IN SEAM           29-31     30-32      30-32      31-33     31-33